Valeur is a wealth management firm founded in 2009 in Lugano – Switzerland, thanks to the vision and the initiative of Alida Carcano and Dario Micheli, who with other qualified professionals having substantial experience in Private and Investment Banking, decided to make their skills available to clients.
In Switzerland, over the years, the project has been strengthened and it allowed the development of the same business model in Europe as well; first in Luxembourg and then since August 2017 in Milan - Italy.

Here are the main stages of this success story:


Valeur was born in Lugano, Switzerland.


In 2010 the first Investments Advisors, from important financial Institutes joined the company. In few months Valeur Fiduciaria hired more than 10 employees and started a partnership with the CFA Institute. In 2011 the company opened an office in Chiasso—Switzerland


In 2013 employees went up to 20. Also, the collaboration with Bocconi Alumni Association was born with the participation in the Asia Conference.


In 2014, Valeur Fiduciaria entered the network of Swiss Sustainable Finance.


In 2016 a new office was launched in Locarno - Switzerland


We are a company dedicated to both family and business asset management; with the ambition to become a trusted partner for entrepreneurs, families and legal entities.